Morgan Stewart: Because Having Chipped Nails is like Wearing Dirty Underwear


I don’t know how many of you watch the reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills(RKOBH) on E!, but I love this quote from Morgan Stewart. She is as nail obsessed as we are and she always has her fingers manicured. She also has a blog called Boobs and Loubs , where she writes about her life, fashion and her favorite products!

Morgan is quirky and has filled the show with many of her one liners, but this has to be my FAVORITE, so I wanted to share it with all of you!

The second season of this show is being filmed now and I can’t wait for it to come back on! I wish it was on OnDemand so I could watch the first srea




As always stay classy, fabulous and polished



French Affair: Because I was Feeling Classy



Now after reading the tittle of this post I can imagine what you are thinking, “An affair has her feeling classy?” But before you judge ,let me explain. I was searching for the perfect nail color to wear on my graduation day. I had chosen a beautiful royal blue dress, and for once I did not want my nails to stand out, I wanted them to accentuate the color of my dress. One of my favorite color combinations are blue and pink, so I knew I wanted a pale pink lacquer on my nails and toes. Before I even stepped into the nail salon I thought of some of my favorite pinks: Mod About You from OPI, Ballet Slippers from Essie and Fiji from Essie. All three of these nail polishes were strong contenders in the battle to be my graduation manicure.

When I walked into the nail salon I spotted French Affair by Essie and was sold. One of my concerns whenever I choose a light pink nail polish is whether or not it will cover my nail bed and is it too opaque. However in this case I also did not want the pink to be too white, similar to how white Fiji and Mod About You are. I love both of these colors,but they just were not what I wanted that day. French Affair was the perfect combination of a light pink to match my dress, with enough white to cover my nail bed.

On my graduation day I wanted to look classy and sophisticated and French Affair helped me do just that! I recommend this color for special events, like weddings, dinner parties, recitals and even presentations. The soft pink will not distract an audience and will make you feel pristine and classy, and lets face it; those are two things that every woman loves to feel.


As always stay, classy fabulous and polished

Blue My Mind: Because I’m Graduating




I am graduating in 8 days.

Like many other college seniors this time of year, graduation is upon me and I am so excited and freaking out at the same time.  I mean who wouldn’t be excited to finally be done with 16 years of school and ready to take on the real world? And before you ask, yes I am excited and so ready to start the next chapter of my life, but it is also very bitter sweet. Four years of college have flown by way too fast. It feels like I blinked and it was over. These are just some of the thoughts that I had while opening my commencement materials today. I sat on my bed looking at the blue part of the gown that represents my univeristy and thought what better way to celebrate the last 4 years than to paint my nails blue.

A few days ago I was in CVS and happened to notice that if you bought $12 worth of Sally Hansen products, you got $5 extra care bucks. Needless to say you did not have to tell me twice. It was the perfect excuse to buy new nail polish (not that there ever isn’t one); because lately I had been craving a bright blue manicured finger; which is why I setteled on “Blue My Mind“. This is the perfect blue for summer, and satisfied my blue nail craving. Typically I am not one for shimmery nail polishes, but I love this one! The shimmer reminds me of subtle waves rocking up onto the shore line at the beach on a hot summer day.

Sally Hansen nail products are some of my favorite beacause they are excellent quality and have a wide range of prices depending on what you get. “Blue My Mind” is $7.99 at CVS, but Sally Hansen also has nail polish for about $5 a bottle, you know because sometimes we are ballin’ on a budget. I had to spend $12 so I also picked up the Dries Instantly top coat which works fabulously. I noticed that when I used it, my nails went from wet to compltely dry; without that awkward sticky phase in between. This was well worth the $5.49 which results in a 30 second dry. Another reason why I love Sally Hansen is because yes I did get two nail polishes for $12…WHEN does that ever happen?!?!




As always stay classy, fabulous and polished 


For Audrey: Because I’m Obsessed with Tiffany’s

tiffany blue

Well after a week spent in Mexico, it is safe to say that I have the spring break BLUES! I mean who wants to leave the warm weather and a beach (and free alcohol)  to come back to, what feels like, the Arctic Tundra in Boston. Needless to say I’m still recuperating from my spring break so I’m making this post a bit of a throwback (if only it were thursday, #tbt).

As I sit here mourning the passing of my spring break trip and to honor my spring break blues, I thought what better time than to write about my all time favorite jewelry collection; Tiffany&Co.  I remember when I got my first piece of Tiffany jewelry ever, it was my freshman year in high school and my mom surprised me that Christmas with my beautiful Return to Tiffany heart bracelet. Every girl can remember the day she got her first piece of Tiffany jewelry and mine was probably no different. This was the day (in my mind) that I became a classy, sophisticated woman at the ripe age of 14. And ever since then I have been obsessed with the jewelry line. I have several pieces from the collection and my most proud accomplishment was when I acquired a piece from the Return to Tiffany line for every part of my body (at least the ones that you can visibly see jewels on).

Fast forward two years when China Glaze came out with For Audrey, the signature robbins egg blue of that iconic Tiffany box.  When I first heard about this color I looked everywhere…and I mean EVERYWHERE. I went into several beauty stores, various CVS’s and I finally found it on Amazon . I could not wait for the color to arrive (it felt like a very long 3-4 business days), and when I got it I immediately painted my nails to see if it matched the color of the Tiffany box and IT DID! I was so excited that I could finally wear the color of my favorite jewelry line on my fingers!

If any of you are as Tiffany Obsessed as I am, you definitely need to get this color. Like I said before it’s hard to find in stores, but Amazon still has it. And if you don’t believe that For Audrey is the EXACT same color as that Tiffany blue; that’s even more of an excuse to go out and try it for yourself! I was actually shocked to see how on point it really is.

tiffany bracelet

~As always stay classy, fabulous and polished

Tart Deco: Because it’s Spring Break!

Tart DecoTart Deco by Essie

For many college students, spring break is just around the corner and we cannot wait to get a break from school for a week. Some of us will head back home to sleep, some will head on volunteer trips and others will be going away and engaging in typical spring break activities. Luckily I fall into the category of those heading  somewhere warm with a group of their friends. I’m gearing up to go to Mexico in the next few days, which is obviously a perfect excuse for a mani/ pedi (not that there ever needs to be an excuse),but for this occasion I chose a bright, warm, tropical color; Tart Deco.

Tart Deco by Essie is the perfect color for warm weather, and (as it just so happens to be in my case), spring break! What I like so much about this color is that it has more peach in it  than other coral polishes typically do. Also, because it is March and bright polish colors aren’t 100% out and about yet; Tart Deco offers the right amount of brightness without being too much for this time of year. Tart Deco definitely stands out, but not as much as some of those neon colors that we all like to wear, especially in the summer.  Not only is this color perfect for summer, it would also fit right in in the spring as well, and with spring rapidly approaching we can all start getting excited for all the new spring lines about to come out!  I’ve looked at some of Essie’s upcoming colors and I can’t wait to try Style Hunter which is a bright hot pink. This color is definitely on my list of nail polishes to buy.

As many of you can see, especially if you have been following my other blog posts, is that I love colors in the “pink” range. Well I’m making a promise to you all now that the next post that I do will be about a different color. If any of you have any suggestions for colors that you would like me to try, let me know! And for those of you going away for spring break have fun and be safe! Oh and share  your nail polish choices with me 🙂

~As always stay classy, fabulous and polished!

Malaga Wine: Because I Needed a Good Red

malaga wine

Everyone tells me that red wine is an acquired taste, and for some reason I wanted the taste. Okay not  for some reason; I actually really like the way red wine looks in a glass. I love watching people pour red wine into a glass because there is just something so appealing about the way it looks.  That may sound stupid but when I see someone (anyone; male, female, old, young, it doesn’t matter) I think “That person seems so classy and put together”, and I wanted to look like that too. Yes I am aware that this sounds a little extreme but that’s me for you.

Anyway back to nail polish.

It was a cold, rainy Sunday in December and I was in a funk. So like many other ladies, I wound up at the nail salon (obviously or there wouldn’t be a point in this post now would there).  Now,  I’ve brought up my new-found love of red wine for a reason. As I stood in the salon with the sound of rain pounding all around me, the red polishes caught my eye. I was looking them over and saw Malaga Wine; it was just the color that I needed, wearable red wine.

This shade is similar to the coloring of a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. It looks like a beautiful mix of the finest most exotic blackberries and raspberries, similar to the make-up of several types of red wine.  Malaga Wine is from the OPI Classics nail collection. This color is dark and romantic with a long lasting shine. It’s the perfect red for when you want to give off a sultry vibe that can withstand the change of time; so it’s no surprise that it is one of OPI’s classic colors.

Typically in the winter I tend to pick deep dark colors like black, gray and various shades of blue; but this little taste of red wine on my fingers was a way to stick with the winter theme but also bring a touch of color into the mix. Next time you want to bring some red wine into your everyday life (because who wouldn’t!), or give your look a seductive twist, Malaga Wine is definitely the polish for you. 

~As always stay, classy, fabulous and polished~

Kiss Me I’m Brazilian: Because I’m Over Winter

Pink from OPI's new  line called Brazil

Pink from OPI’s new line called Brazil

I’m sure many of you are feeling the same way I am, WINTER GO AWAY! As much as I love fall and winter nail polish colors, I just need a break away from anything that reminds me of the cold. This past Saturday when I was getting my nails done, I couldn’t commit to a dark color…I really couldn’t do it. Luckily there was a wait at the nail salon so I had time to go back and forth between colors.

Originally I picked up OPI…Eurso…Euro which is a beautiful blue. It’s still a dark blue but it’s bright, and I thought it was the perfect color to take me out of my dark nail depression. As I sat  waiting, I continued to stare at the blue… and stare… and stare.  I jumped up, put the blue back and started my nail search over; back to the polish board it was. As I was scanning over the pinks I noticed  Kiss Me I’m Brazilian by OPI and thought “this is exactly what I need”. It was perfect timing to because it was time to start my manicure.

As I watched  the woman paint my nails I already felt my mood lifting. Instantly  I was sitting on a beach in a tropical island (too bad I wasn’t actually sitting on a beach).  Kiss Me I’m Brazilian is one of the colors from OPI’s new Brazil line.  This line consists of vibrant, bold, statement colors that range from bright pinks and yellows to edgy nudes and grays.  This line was inspired by the Carnaval that takes place each in year Brazil. For for more information about the line click  here .

It’s been four days since my manicure and the color is still as bright and glossy as when I first got it.  I definitely recommend Kiss Me I’m Brazilian when you need a moment to pretend you’re laying in the sun with a cool drink in your hand (preferably one that has an umbrella in it) and when you basically need to give the cold weather the finger.

~As always stay classy, fabulous and polished~